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 NEW 2014 - Offering NRA Instructor Classes

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Today many of our citizens are armed for personal protection. We are prepared to equip you with the training you need for survival. Specialized Protection courses are more than shooting or a Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) class.  Each course consists of carefully researched, structured and proven curriculum designed to produce "winners".  The first step in becoming a responsible gun owner is, knowing how to handle your firearm legally and safely. Explore our various training courses and determine which programs are appropriate for you. We believe gun ownership is something to be taken seriously. Simply owning or having access to a firearm doesn't necessarily mean you're prepared to use it. Proper training with a firearm is essential.

"TRAIN TO WIN" - Specialized Protection Courses are offered to students at all levels from Basic through Advanced. Safety is a primary consideration and the fundamentals of safe weapon handling and marksmanship are standard for all courses. Courses are limited in size to benefit student training.  We specialize in improving the skills and performance of our students. Our training programs are developed for beginning shooters to elite armed professionals.

We teach practical shooting, which is the ability to hit what you intend to hit with speed obtained through economy of motion, along with taking advantage of how the body naturally functions in dynamic environments.

Specialized Protection offers a wide range of NRA courses as well as OCAT® (Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training -Pepper Spray), CCW Training Courses, State of Utah CFP Course and other customized courses for whatever your requirements. 

Specialized Protection is also NRA certified to teach and certify Instructor Trainees. Check our schedule and if you qualify sign up to become an NRA Instructor.
Remember: "Fate rarely calls us at a moment of our choosing" Will you be ready when Fate calls you?

NRA, OCAT®, State of Utah and American Society of Industrial Security Certified

Courses are offered for:

  • Individuals and Instructors
    • CW Permit Training - Iowa/Utah
    • Pepper (OC) Spray Certification Course
    • CCW Techniques and Firearm Skill Building
    • Improving firearm knowledge and proficiency
    • Practice test firing different pistols - try before you buy
    • Customized for your requirements
  • Security Guards
    • Firearm Certification
    • Firearm Recertification
    • Pepper (OC) Spray Certification –Including Certification and OC incident documentation
    • Improving Proficiency
  • Companies
    • Customize Courses
      • Pepper Spray
      • CCW License
      • Firearm Familiarity
      • Firearm Proficiency
    • Executive: Private Lessons
      • On Site
      • In office with gun simulator
    • Targeted Classes for Specific Groups / Companies
      • Security Companies
      • Retail
      • Taxi Companies
      • Corrections
      • Healthcare

NRA Instructor Classes – Become an NRA Instructor!

Basic Instructor Training
Home Firearm Safety
Pistol – First Steps Basic Pistol Shooting
Personal Protection in the Home Personal Protection Outside the Home
Chief Range Safety Officer Range Safety Officer

Email for more information.

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